Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmed mosque, Ebru art and tulips in bloom

Another action-packed day in Istanbul! Wednesday for our travelers in Turkey was marked by the visit to the fascinating Hagia Sophia, an imposing building from year 537 AD, whose parts date to more than two thousand years back in history. The era in which it was made in and a short time period in which it was built in even today are admired. After that they browsed the interior of the nearby Sultan Ahmed Mosque, known as the Blue Mosque. The Maiden’s Tower was the next stop. One of the most recognizable symbols of Istanbul, the jewel of Bosphorus, to which many legends are tied to, was built in 1110 and still even today, resisting time, with damages and reconstructions, it served as a lighthouse, quarantine, observatory, and today even a restaurant. Our travelers tried the Turkish traditional technique of marbeling called Ebru and they will take their own tulip-themed masterpieces as souvenirs back home. Tulips are one of the symbols of the city, so to end the day, our travelers welcomed the end of the day surrounded with millions of colorful tulips in Emirgan Park and the picture of colorful flower carpets will remain in their memory forever.