Project goals

This project encourages learning English by using drama in class. This way the students are having fun at the same time as they are learning. They are also getting to know other cultures. Likewise, they will be able to discuss about social topics.

Therefore, this project deals with a wide range of skills:

– Social and civic skills: This project promotes the respect and a tolerant attitude towards all cultures and religions. Furthermore, teachers and students will establish good personal relationships that can go on in the future.

– Artistic and Creative skills: Through our project we encourage creativity in our students and teachers by creating scenery and costumes and new modern versions of the tales and scripts.

– Linguistic skills: The performance will allow further development of the language oral skills from an enjoyable point of view. The discussions will mean the expression of the students’ own ideas in a second language. To carry them out with different countries will involve a marked improvement in the oral skills in students of English from the different countries which participate in the project. The scripts, tales and studies will make them improve their writing skill.

Besides all that, teachers and students will have the opportunity of getting to know some other European languages, such as Turkish, Croatian, Polish and Spanish, which will enrich our intercultural knowledge.

As a result, the teachers can add new methods of teaching English that encourage students to learn. This project will provide new materials to be used by teachers to improve their teaching.